Norway's Embassies (with GeoGuessr)

This is a complete map of all embassies, consulate generals and permanent delegations of the Norwegian foreign service. There is also a playable GeoGuessr map here.

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Download raw data as .kmz file or .txt file.


If you play GeoGuessr, you might enjoy the map of Norway’s diplomatic missions playable on GeoGuessr.

Some of the locations is identified with a seal or flag. Some locations does not have any “identification”, embassies are located in large office buildings or similar. The criteria for adding the embassy in the map is simply that the actual building of the embassy is possible to view on Street View.

Due to some countries and regions lack of Street View, not all locations is represented. These are: Afghanistan, Algerie, Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, China, Kosovo, Malawi, Mali, Marocco, Mosambik, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestina, Saudi-Arabia, Sudan, Syria, South Sudan, Tanzania.

The following delegations are not represented either: Permanent Mission of Norway to the African Union, The Permanent Delegation of Norway to NATO. Most of the others are in the same building as the embassy and therefore does not have duplicate records.

Recommended game mode: 5 min, everything allowed.

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Source information, feedback, contributions and contact information

Source data found here: Norske utenriksstasjoner. Last refresh: 29.05.2020.

If you want to improve a GeoGuessr location’s photo, download the Street View app and add photos with your phone or a 360 camera. Then, contact me to change the GeoGuessr location.

If you have feedback about the maps, want to report an issue, wrong address or something else, please contact me trough